Living a life of meaning

GTM Core Values

The Giving Tree Movement core values start from the INSIDE-OUT.  When we begin to understand the POWER OF ONE and the magnitude of our influence over others, we begin to understand how important it is to live truly AUTHENTIC and PURPOSE FILLED LIVES.   Only then, can we guide others to do the same.  The importance of FAMILY and COMMUNITY CONNECTIONPURPOSE and WELLBEING are at the core of who we are.

Family. Happy homes are the bedrock of a happy society.  Above all, we need to cultivate warm and loving family relationships. For our children, our priority should be their emotional health and helping them to develop heart centered and positive values and attitudes.

Contributing In The Community. When we connect with and help others around us, everyone benefits. We need to get involved in our local communities, be good neighbors and support those in need. Our actions can help to build trust and reduce isolation.

Making A Difference. Our working lives should be about more than just earning a living. Whatever job we do, we should aim to make a meaningful contribution – and help create a workplace culture which is trusting, friendly and responsible.

Taking Care of Ourselves. We can’t contribute to a happier society unless we take care of our own well-being too. We all need to look after our health, both physical and mental, and develop within us the life skills and attitudes needed for a happy and fulfilling life.

(For inspiration and a heavy dose of perspective please refer to.. “It all starts with the root” at the bottom of the home page.)




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