Project Seed

social empowerment and educational development
a youth social entrepreneur initiative
project seed

A first-of-its-kind youth focused experience developed by the Giving Tree Movement (GTM). Kids of all ages and demographics gain valuable life skills training while developing and implementing their own personal mission statements, which include both a business and social action plan. Parents, business leaders and mentors provide guidance to support these efforts. Youth gain invaluable real world skills … are empowered … and inspired.

What drives you?
What you put your attention to grows stronger

in this day and age our social impact and influence on others are becoming more and more important with the branches of connection we create every day through social media, schools, family, friends, and our community.

middle and high school students nowadays frequently lack the tools and resources needed to live authentic and purpose-filled lives in the 21st century. youth graduate from school with personal passions and goals, but with no inkling of how they can get there in a way that moves them and serves the ecosystem in which we all thrive. project seed engages youth and their parents (via mentors and program elements) and empowers them to work together to become successful in their everyday interaction on the home-front, in their communities and beyond.

Plant the Seed
Start meaningful connections

who doesn’t want to pursue what inspires them and learn how to connect to their peers in a positive way?

through a personal mission statement (completed by both the children and parents) and connections to families and organizations with similar intentions, project seed provides a unique footprint for interaction within our homes, schools and communities. By setting personal goals and outcomes, project seed participants create a purpose for their involvement.

Who can you connect with? How can you engage them in your new social entrepreneur initiative?

  • Social Media
  • Family
  • School Network
  • Friends
  • Community Affiliations

Watch it Grow
social action

how can we guide youth to pursue their interests and passions and succeed in their adult professional lives? how can we help them find meaning and make a difference?

seed merchandise (such as re-usable water bottles) will be provided to members at a low wholesale cost. project seed participants, with guidance by their parents and mentors, successfully sell their product and create a story of why they’re doing what they’re doing. Think of it as the lemonade stand going viral and having a social action component tied to it. in effect, they are creating a business … that makes a difference … both for them, and for others.

the “8 Keys of Excellence”™ are also provided and key to empowering children, parents and mentors to engage in purposeful conversations that will prove invaluable to providing a framework for the life skills needed to thrive in all areas of life.

Where do we go from here?
Transform, inspire and engage through your influence on yourself and others

Strengthen your family and community bonds through meaningful interaction. have a conversation.
create meet-ups! like-minded families, youth, businesses and community leaders are out there and want to be involved too.
crowd fund for a cause that you are passionate about and introduce project seed to the world!

Deeper connections and social impact are at the heart of what we are trying to accomplish through project seed and the giving tree movement. Our innovative and powerful network of thought leaders, filmmakers and organizations are there to help and guide. This is how we all branch out!

Plant the seed. Watch it grow.
learn more about project seed and how you can get involved.

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