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The aim of the Giving Tree Movement is to strengthen the “power of one” and create a powerful support network in guiding children to live meaningful, fulfilling and authentic lives in an increasingly  fast paced and complex world.  Along with our coalition of high level youth organizations and thought leaders, we are currently creating a sustainable and scalable community-centric resource network that has the power to change the culture of our homes, schools and communities from the “inside – out”.  We are in the process of creating a model that is focused on strengthening the “foundation” of the four walls of the home in better understanding “who we are” and how we can all “support one another”.  We have very powerful tools and resources that will be delivered in a very tangible, systematic and holistic way for parents and mentors to foster the ultimate success of each individual child in all areas of life.  It is through this sustainable and systematic approach that we can create change and leadership opportunities for parents, educators, mentors and most importantly, for our future generation!

We are targeting our efforts on a highly innovative, youth focused social entrepreneur initiative through Project S.E.E.D. (Social Empowerment & Educational Development) that provides an opportunity for children to;

1. create their own mission statements

2. learn how to make money and become fiscally responsible

3. give back a percentage of their profits to an organization in need

4. create their own social action campaigns

5. work together with the guidance of parents and mentors to fulfill their individual missions and create a life purpose that will allow them to thrive in all areas of life.

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In an effort to augment the parent, youth and community engagement efforts, GTM is looking to create community-centric “Trust Circle Forums” for parents, children and educators (separately).  ”Branches” of GTM are responsible for creating these forums which become moderated safe havens to help promote purposeful and heart-centered interaction as well as a much needed support network for all.

GTM is looking to bring back the power of “brick and mortar” face-to-face interaction and sharing – in other words, a sense of real community amidst the growing virtual interaction that permeates everything around us. Lecture series and GTM special events are created through “Branches” of the Giving Tree Movement as a way of bringing thought leaders, educators, parents and youth together to create positive interaction and change in our individual communities.  Topics will vary in all areas of life in the hopes of bringing about greater mindfulness and purpose to how we live our lives and most importantly — how we can teach our children to thrive and maintain a connection to the ideals of simplicity, stress reduction and ultimately guide them to contribute in a meaningful way so that they feel a sense of “significance” which will ultimately lead to their success in life.

In a world of increasing stressors, pressures and speed, it is now more important than ever to pause, reflect and come together in the hopes that we can all foster the inspiration and support needed to live up to our true potential and pay it forward through our communities and our children.

Feel free to contact us to learn more about creating your very own family “mission statement” and begin using our comprehensive implementation strategy to re-create the fundamental elements of success and leadership in our homes, schools and communities.

The revolution starts from the inside-out.  Start planting the seeds and watch them grow!

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