Lecture Series

The lecture series will cover a variety of topics to be held on a monthly or quarterly basis (coming soon).  This serves as a venue for experts, organizations and individuals of various vocations to share ideas and inspire people to live a truly authentic and purpose filled life in the hopes that it will be passed on to our children.  The lectures can be held in local schools, churches or community centers.  GTM will provide a list of inspiring speakers who will be available for speaking engagements depending on the community and location.  You can visit your local GTM community to find speaking engagements in your area.  If you would like to create a lecture series in your community please contact us.

We are currently focusing on a very specific pilot program in North County San Diego so that we can focus on a “community centric” level.   (Please click on “what we do” to learn more).  We will be rolling out to other communities in the near future.

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