Who We Are

Giving Tree Movement (GTM) is a grassroots social action platform and “call to action” that advocates positive change and transformation in our homes, schools and communities.   Our goal is to change the culture of communities from the “inside- out” by creating a support network and systematic approach that focuses on youth empowerment and purposeful social action.  We believe that each individual has his/her own role to play in supporting the overall ecosystem  of our homes, schools and communities but that perhaps they are not being properly guided in a “holistic” way to support one another in doing so.

We now live in a world where the power of the individual is unlimited.  Access to information and resources is boundless.  Technology is changing the way we interact with one another.   The key to unlocking and harnessing this individual power has to come from the “inside-out” in order to provide the foundational elements of a healthy society.

Through Project S.E.E.D (Social Empowerment & Educational Development), GTM is looking to transform the way in which each individual and specifically youth are empowered, inspired and educated to become positive role models and lead authentic and purpose driven lives.  Our goal is to start planting the seeds for children from early ages through their college years on the importance of health and wellness, social responsibility, social entrepreneurialism and positive role modeling.  (Please see “What We Do” for more information on this truly innovative “inside-out” approach).




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