About GTM

GTM (Giving Tree Movement) was created and conceived by Luisa Csathy as a community-centric outreach program that empowers parents, educators and thought leaders to rise up, support, and learn from one another in order to guide children to live truly authentic and purposeful lives. After reflecting on pressures that face all families, Luisa was inspired to create something that “matters.”  GTM comes from the unflinching belief that when we have support and the proper guidance, we are better equipped to guide our children to live authentic and purpose filled lives.  The goal is to get us all to slow down, take a “real” look around us, and take stock in what truly matters.

The initial “kick off” event was held in Rancho Santa Fe, California on March 29th, 2012 and proved to be a very powerful gathering of “high level” youth organizations, thought leaders, educators and parents from the four surrounding schools.  The response was overwhelming and resonated in a very powerful way which has created a “ground-swell” of enthusiasm for the initiative.

Throughout the year, parents and children were invited to continue in various “family projects” and “social experiments” in order to work together to build stronger families through individual and community support and leadership.  Ongoing forums will augment these initiatives to foster support and community throughout the year.  GTM is also actively engaged in the creation of a very powerful and innovative “Youth Social Entrepreneur Initiative” through Project S.E.E.D. (Social Empowerment & Educational Development).

Although a return to face-to-face community learning and support are foundational elements of GTM, innovative online social networking for social consciousness will further promote GTM community-connectivity and awareness.  Imagine Facebook, but with GTM’s mission of giving and authentic living at its core.  Instead of “friends,” members build “branches” of connectivity to their spheres of interest and influence.

GTM is partnering in various capacities with Kids Korps USA, Quantum Learning Network, Club Xcite, Teen Wisdom and various other “highly regarded” thought leaders and filmmakers to further its mission.


Luisa Csathy (Founder & Chief Inspiration Officer)

Luisa was born in Milan, Italy and moved to Los Angeles with her mother at age 5.  She spent her childhood flying back and forth from LA to Italy to spend time with her father and the rest of her family.  At the age of 17, she enrolled in a two-year international program at The University of Grenoble in France.  After her stint in France, she resumed her studies for two years at Franklin College in Lugano, Switzerland.  She finished her degree in International Affairs at USC and went on to work with the US World Cup Organizing Committee where she was given the incredible opportunity to hand out the World Cup to the winning team. After the World Cup, Luisa began a career in international film sales and acquisitions for various well-known motion picture companies. She is fluent in four languages and currently resides in Rancho Santa Fe, California with her husband, Peter, and two children — Hunter (12) and Luca (9).  She strives to live life to the fullest in every sense of the word and is forever grateful for all the incredible life experiences — both the good and the challenging — that have inspired and empowered her to create a platform for families to share, learn from others, take control and make a difference in the world.  She believes in living truly authentic and meaningful lives, always living in the moment (because you never know what life will throw at you), and being an integral part of the success and support of others.  All those around her can attest that being present and savoring all that life has to offer are among the greatest gifts that she possesses.  She currently works out of her two-story tree house to build this incredible movement that starts with one and has the power to move many — especially our children!!


Luisa’s Dream

Many of us are fortunate to have children who we will eventually guide into the world with a sense of independence, strength and understanding of who they are and what they want in order to thrive and live truly authentic and meaningful lives.  Others are not so fortunate and struggle with children who have debilitating setbacks and cannot live on their own. Luisa’s sister, Nicole, is an example of this kind of struggle and has been in her mother’s care for the last 12 years, having battled with a debilitating case of epilepsy after having contracted viral encephalitis in her last year of college.  Along with building GTM as a movement of real meaningful change, Luisa is on a mission to create a safe haven for families who have children that are less fortunate.  She is determined to see to it that a large part of the proceeds donated to GTM go toward the creation of the first of many “GTM Institutes” around the country.  These Institutes will serve as “community hubs” to provide resources for families and mentorship opportunities for all.  It is a big dream and a lofty goal, but one that can and will succeed through the support of all who benefit from GTM.

Whether it is your need for support and idea exchange — or whether you simply are committed to make a positive difference within the four walls of your home — each of us has the power to make an enormous impact and come together to make this world a better place.

Join the movement. Plant the seed. Watch it grow.

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